Octet systems

FortéBio’s BLI Octet systems offer real-time biomolecular interactions analysis in micro-volume samples, characterizing binding affinity, binding kinetics, and concentration. BLI systems have a number of advantages including:

  • No microfluidic components: measure the samples directly in microplates
  • Up to 96 simultaneous measurements can be done on unpurified samples such as cell culture supernatants, lysates or complex mixtures in routine high throughput
  • High-throughput of crude samples is particularly useful for epitope binning, quantification, off-rate ranking or large screening assays where sample purification is not possible for efficient workflows
  • Large number of different biosensors available giving a broad range of surface chemistries to design experiments with maximum flexibility

BLItz® system

Label-free analysis in a drop.

The BLItz system label-free analysis to individual researchers, enabling protein quantitation and kinetics experiments in only 4 µL of sample – right at your own lab bench. BLI technology enables sensitive, real-time detection even in crude media.

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BLItz label free

Octet Red96e

8-Channel system for rapid assay development.

This system is ideal for automation of small and large molecule characterization. The microfluidic-free method eliminates sample loading times and time-consuming cleaning steps between measurements. This allows the quantitation of 96 samples in 32 minutes and kinetic screening of 64 samples in 1.5 hours, with use of up to 8 channels, enabling flexibility in sample throughput based on need.

With the optional plate cover, you can minimize sample evaporation even during long measuring times and thus determine long dissociation rates of up to 4 hours to characterize high-affinity binding systems.

Goto the Octet Red96e webpage for more information.

Octet Red96e
Octet Red96e

Octet HTX

High throughput quantitation and kinetics characterization.

The Octet HTX monitors up to 96 measurements simultaneously, enabling label-free detection for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at unmatched speed. It can read 8, 16, 32, 48 or 96 wells in parallel, allowing you to tailor your assay design to maximise analytical throughput or sensitivity. Furthermore, the Octet HTX instrument is automation ready and robot compatible for microplate and biosensor tray loading.

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Octet HTX
Octet HTX