The BIApages target Biomolecular Interaction Analysis with respect to detection methods. The pages are an overview of techniques and methods to study biomolecular interaction and properties of biomolecules. The techniques are not necessarily label- or immobilization free, but the listed techniques use a minimum of modifications for detection.

The BIApages are an extension of the SPRpages since the SPRpages are all about Surface Plasmon Resonance. Because there are so many interesting and complementary techniques to SPR this site was started.

I invite you to write down your knowledge and expertise so I can include it in this site and make it more interesting. Use the contribute form to upload your suggestions.

The BIApages are not affiliated to any company although we have good contacts within the field. Are you a vendor and do you want to be listed on the BIApages, please use this document.

Please enjoy my web site and tell me what you think about it.

Arnoud Marquart

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