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LSPR AG is a swiss manufacturer of a broad range of SPR sensors for widely used measurement instruments. LSPR AG’s top quality thin-film coating and chemical functionalization guaranty optimum performance. Robust Hydrogel 3D surfaces and planar coatings are provided for all types of SPR instruments. In addition customized multilayer coatings of sensors, including: inorganic coatings (e.g. SiO2 or Al2O3), biochemical functionalization, etc., are available to tailor the SPR response to a wide variety of special applications. Our advanced facilities and know-how in fabrication and surface chemistry enables us to provide innovative solutions in thin film technologies and bio-functionalization for customers.


Nicoya Lifesciences

Nicoya LifesciencesOpenSPR by Nicoya Lifesciences utilizes localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) for label-free analysis. LSPR is similar to SPR, but it uses nanoparticles of gold rather than a continuous gold film to produce an optical resonance. LSPR’s main advantages are simplicity of the optical design, highly tunable optical properties, no need for temperature control, and robustness. Nicoya has developed a proprietary manufacturing process to create nanoparticle sensors that are highly uniform and stable. Sensors can be functionalized using standard immobilization and coupling chemistry.

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